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Join Valour Strike® & wear the eagle with pride!

We take immense pleasure in delivering outstanding combat sports equipment that caters for all level of athletes. Whether you’re a celebrated pro fighter or just looking for some entry level equipment to start your journey we have what you need to push your own personal boundaries and achieve your goals.

Where we really excel is our customer support, as fellow athlete’s we understand the importance of having the right equipment, delivered within the right time frame so you can focus on training. Therefore, at Valour Strike we do everything in our power to respect and support each individual on a level that best serves their need.

Boxing Gear

We are quickly becoming the go-to brand for Boxing and MMA professionals. We provide a range of boxing gear to suit every need from our Best selling boxing gloves to our next level protection head guards. Rest assured you're in safe hands, we believe in providing our products at a fair price whilst giving the users professional fight gear that doesn't disapoint, our products are made by fighters for fighters!

Boxing Gloves and Pads

The perfect combination for anyone looking to improve their fight skills or fitness. The two most important pieces of boxing gear rolled together. The perfect starter pack you will be all kitted up and ready to train hard. Transferring all your frustration and aggression directly into our boxing pads and getting fitter, faster & stronger.

MMA Gear

If your Looking for MMA Gear, look no further! We have elite level mma training equipment, you will find all you need here to get kitted out for the octagon or whether you are training or professionally competing our gear will not let you down, and thats a promise! from MMA Shin Guards to MMA shorts we have an excellent range of top quality MMA training gear available.

Two best friends in a semi-heated debate about achieving physical goals founded Valour Strike in 2014. The very different levels of physical performance led to one conclusion. We are all different! That’s not a weakness it’s a beauty of life.

The debate was about the infuriating image of sports participation, what is required, who participates and who you should be judged against. Well there is only one person you should be judged against.

Whether you're attending exercise classes, lifting weights, running 5K, learning personal protection or you’re a fully-fledged UFC Super Star it’s not about the person in front of you, it’s not about the person behind you, its not even about the person at the side of you... It’s simply about YOU! YOUR goals, YOUR achievement, YOUR challenges. It’s up to you to Beat Your Best™.

This is a business but in reality it's a passion, a way of life, it’s about wearing your crest with pride and saying I CAN beat MY best! For us it’s about providing an excellent level of service above and beyond the everyday, we take pride in Valour Strike, and see our customers as friends looking to do their best.

People are what drive us forward so when you see the eagle, you know it represents class, quality, style, personal achievements and above all it represents the ability to support others in achieving their goals.Here at Valour Strike we are proudly united in one goal, so why don’t you Beat Your Best™.

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