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Leather Skipping Rope

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The Last Skipping Rope You'll Ever Need!
Better Skipping Ropes for Better Training Sessions

-A Proper Skipping Rope

-Treated Real Leather (super durable)

-Rose Wood Handles

-Anti Slip Handle Grooves

-x2 Removable Handle Weights 

-Suitable for people up to 6 foot 8 inch 

-360 Degree Long lasting speed bearings

-Polished Rotation Mechanism

-Can be used on concrete, flags, carparks, parks, anywhere really.

-Rope Length 280cm/ 9 foot 2inch (can be reduced)

If you want a long lasting skipping rope you're in the right place! We still have the original rope from 2015 which we use 3 times a week on concrete. And it's still going strong. 

It's truly an amazing bit of kit for anyone that wants to workout anywhere. Whether its a quick blast cardio session aimed at fat burning or a marathon skipping challenge this rope is perfect for you. 

Skipping is a absolute calorie killer. If you haven't done it for a while give it a try you will be in shock... It's a real challenge and gets the heart pumping and the fat burning.

You just need a good rope, and that's where we have your back. It's almost like a rope for life, that's weighted for an extra calorie attack. You will love this rope:

Leather weighted skipping rope for fitness training
Leather weighted skipping rope for fitness training
Leather weighted skipping rope for fitness training

Adjusting size

The rope is also able to be reduced to the desired length.

In order to shorten the length please follow the below steps:

1: Locate the small Allen key hole on the stem of the rope hinge.

2: Loosen the Allen key fitting.

3: Remove the rope.

4: Cut the rope to length.

5: Replace the end of the rope within the stem.

6 Tighten the Allen key fitting.


Used for training in:

Fitness training, MMA, CrossFit, Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxercise, Body Combat, general fitness, All Martial Arts, cardio drills and weight loss.

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