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Premium Weighted Leather Boxing Skipping Ropes

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Premium Weighted Leather Boxing Skipping Ropes

🌳 [ 6 INCH ROSE WOOD HANDLES ] : Beautifully finish properly sized handles that are designed to last! 8 vertically grooves strategically placed 

to improve your grip & prevent sweat Interfearing your workout.

💪 [ EXTRA STRONG LEATHER ROPE ] : Making it extremely durable, you can literally use our rope anywhere, head & shoulders above other alternatives. This rope really is built to last, strong and resilient!

🏋️ [ 2x REMOVABLE WEIGHTS ] : Burn calories faster, improve your stamina and get fitter . 5x heavy than other plastic alternatives for 5x the workout! Including easily removable steel weights for varying workouts.

👪 [ FULLY HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE ] : Men, Woman & Juniors catered for our screw and cap system allows people of any height up to 6ft 8inch to adjust the rope to the ideal length and it is really simple to do.

🔄 [ 360º DEGREE LONG-LASTING SPEED BEARINGS ] : Our rotation system is built to stand the test of time and repeated use. The rotation allows for maximum comfort and stability when skipping coupled with perfectly balanced handles these ropes can really be used all day long.

Have you ever wondered why you see so many fighters skipping? Whether it's a real-life champion or a scene out of Rocky they all skip. Why? The simple reason is that skipping is almost an unbeatable way to get fit and burn fat.

So whether you're skipping your way into the ring or simply looking to drop a few pounds the Valour Strike skipping rope is perfect for you.

With all the premium touches expected from Valour Strike you will be acquiring a great addition that will help you on your fitness journey. Hear the rope cut through the air as you speed up or slow down, aiding your understanding of your improvements and cheering you on.



Selected for its extremely high levels of durability and resistance. As the rope will literally whip against the surface of which you skip on it is essential that the rope material is resilient. Here at Valour Strike we are super proud of the resilience of the leather, this allows you to take your rope anywhere to train (indoors, outdoors, the garage you name it this rope allows you to skip there).


Our handles are made from solid rosewood that gives a beautiful ergonomic premium to the handle. The handles are the optimal width for all shapes and sizes of hand. The 8 vertical grooves aren’t just so the rope looks good, they are strategically placed to prevent the sweat from your workout interfering with your grip.


As we want to provide a product that will last it's incredibly important that the area most under stress will last. A polished steel rotational mechanism provides a smooth rotation that will stand the test of time. SKIPPING IS EASY: We don't think so take the challenge it's extremely cardio challenging and works out almost every muscle throughout your body.


The simple addition of a slight bit of weight can truly have a huge impact on your training. The additional weight will intensify your workout and force your body to engage more muscle groups at a higher level of intensity. The total weight of the rope is still only 500g but this increase really can have a big impact on toning up your body.  

Rope length & Adjusting size:

Rope Length 280cm/ 9 foot 2inch. The rope is also able to be reduced to the desired length: 

In order to shorten the length please follow the below steps you will need a small Allen key:

1: Locate the small Allen key hole on the stem of the rope hinge.

2: Loosen the Allen key fitting.

3: Remove the rope.

4: Cut the rope to length.

5: Replace the end of the rope within the stem.

6 Tighten the Allen key fitting.

Used for training in:

MMA, CrossFit, Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxercise, Body Combat, general fitness, All Martial Arts, cardio drills and weight loss.


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