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Why Valour Strike?

Why Valour Strike?

Firstly, we used similar training equipment before Valour Strike existed. Therefore we developed our products with a greater understanding of what’s required from each and every individual product.

We constantly look to deliver great products at affordable prices and once we are satisfied with the product we proudly stamp our logo off approval on. This isn’t just a business, it’s a passion and we want our customers to enjoy their training with products that they know they can rely on and trust.

Our goal at Valour Strike is to help you along your fitness journey and provide unbeatable quality at great prices. From the day Valour Strike was born in the loft of a small terraced house to where we’re at now, has all been achieved by focusing on quality and the customer experience. Now that’s easier said than done, but the goal is to be a brand for life and not just for the short buck.

So we invest massively in the products we supply because we want our customers to feel great about their item. It might seem a little cheesy, but we take great enjoyment out of dispatching the products to you knowing that you’re getting a great product for a great price.

And that’s probably the main reason why we have such a huge amount of returning customers, they know they can trust us.

The other aspect we like to focus on like a laser is customer experience. Now, this really is the area that makes the difference. We genuinely care about your experience, so we’re happy to help where we can.

We understand at times customers need support whether that’s giving general advice and guidance on sizing, arranging a return or resolving any issues, we’re happy to help.

There’s a huge sense of pride in helping the likes of Brenda who needed help on boxing glove sizing so she could get the right size glove for her grandson’s birthday present.

So in a nutshell here at Valour Strike our mission to you is to provide great products at great prices with great customer support, so you can put the right fist forward knowing that you’re protected and supported by a brand that cares.

Valour Strike: Our Definition

Two words that have separate meanings but when you put them together something special happens!

Valour Meaning

Dictionary definition: “Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle”

To us Valour represents the inner mindset and strength to have the courage to start, the courage to move forward, and the courage to achieve your own targets. Everyone is held back by fear at some point, so it’s about having the ‘Valour’ to push through the fear and attack your targets.

We focus on YOUR journey and YOUR courage because we understand that everyone is different. Everyone has their own goals and their own reasons for training. Some train for a mental release, some train for a better physique and some train to be the best in the world. But that’s what the journey is, it’s YOUR journey, YOUR targets, YOUR best and for that, you will need YOUR courage (YOUR Valour).

Strike Meaning

Dictionary definition: “A sudden attack” and “hit forcibly or deliberately with one’s hand”

To us ‘Strike’ represents acting now. To strike like an eagle at your target before you miss the opportunity. We all say to ourselves we can do better, we could have done more, we will do it tomorrow. To us ‘Strike’ represents attacking those thoughts and bringing those fitness goals to the front of the mind and acting on them now.

Don’t let procrastination get in the way of your fitness goals; Strike forcibly, deliberately and immediately. Get what you want from training quicker by acting today.

Valour Strike Meaning

So when VALOUR meets STRIKE it literally means to us more than words. It means to have the courage to act NOW. Whatever the goal is, whatever the dream is, whatever you want from your fitness journey, have the courage to act on it now. Valour Strike your goals and achieve sooner.

Have the courage to act and act now. Step up to your training goals and VALOUR STRIKE those training targets. Look down upon your Valour Strike equipment and say to yourself; “I have the Valour and I have the Strike, and that’s why I’m acting on my fitness goals now, not hiding from them or pushing them back until tomorrow".

Why The Eagle?

Why The Eagle

Eagles are individual predators and are ultimately responsible for their own success or failure, they have to have the Valour to Strike at their target. They’re also elegant, intelligent, focused, determined, skilled, strong and accurate. So, in short, we think this is the perfect animal to take inspiration from.

An eagle in the sky striking down upon its target will not be defeated by one simple miss or lack of success, but it will rise high into the sky, learn from the mistakes made and go again until it does find success. Let the eagle inspire your fitness journey. Be the Eagle.

To an eagle, the sky is literally the limit. So whether your training for a professional fight or just making your first strike, focus upon yourself and remember failure is not final, and don’t let that one bad training session get in the way of your bigger picture.


Our Slogan:

beat Your best Logo

Our slogan is aimed at YOU, it’s perfect for YOU and it applies to YOUR training. How do we know that? Because our slogan is about YOU. So many people train combat sports for so many different reasons. Once you understand the reason for training, you can set your own goals. Your goals are for you, and that is exactly what you should be training for… to us it’s a simple statement of intent, ‘Beat Your Best’.

There are literally millions of people who train combat sports or conduct their own physical training regime every single day. Of those millions of people, there are less than 0.01% that are paid athletes. So why do so many train? Because there are so many benefits in life to be had from popping your boxing gloves on and training.

Training can allow you to release the stress of a hard working day, be part of a team, to help others, you can learn to defend yourself, get a better physique, compete and challenge yourself, the list is literally endless and subjective, but no matter what the goal is, it should be the same for everyone to ‘Beat Your Best’.

Our Core Values :

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