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Valour Strike is more than a brand—It’s a mission statement, a vision, an idea and a mission we have been on since we started our journey, which began in an ex council house attic in Great Manchester, 2015.

Valour Strike is powered by an unwavering focus on three critical elements that remain in our crosshairs—exceptional quality, unbeatable affordability, and an unforgettable customer experience. We know it's a tall order, but we're committed to the challenge.Our name, Valour Strike, encapsulates our mantra:

"Valour" represents the courage to step up, and "Strike" signifies seizing the moment.

Combine these 2 elements and bang you’ll have an awesome mental approach to anything but especially your combat sports training.

 valour strike mma kickboxing workout gear uk brand

Our logo, the Eagle, goes beyond being a symbol—it's a reflection of our spirit.

Eagles are the embodiment of fearlessness, precision, and resilience. They're lone predators, accountable for their success or failure, and they don’t stop at a single miss.

They rise, learn, and strike until they succeed. That’s the ethos we inspire—rise above your failures, learn from them, and charge back into your fitness journey with renewed energy.

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We know opening that gym door is intimidating, but we also know great things are behind it. So we've launched a YouTube channel led by British Kickboxing Champion Rob Zab.

Our channel is your gateway to unlocking the gym door for the first time, learning at home, conquering fitness challenges, growing in confidence & knowledge. All aimed at helping anyone build their confidence and physical capabilities.

We're are beyond passionate about introducing you to the incredible benefits of combat sports, especially the mental health advantages. If everyone hit the punch bag once a day the world would be a better place.

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Don't forget our slogan, "Beat Your Best"—a battle cry to constantly outdo your personal bests, as that’s the only serious competition we have “Ourselves”

With Valour Strike, we're not just equipping you for the journey—we're going shoulder to shoulder with you into battle.

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