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Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are essential for sparring, bag work and professional bouts. Valour Strike proudly presents our Premium Boxing gloves. With a keen eye for detail, Our gloves have been designed to look good, feel good and perform even better. Built to protect the most aggressive heavyweight punchers from injury, these gloves can take what you want to give out!

Boxing Sparring Gloves are available for Men, Woman and Kids in sizes 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz & 16oz. We also provide a wide range of Boxing gear including Hand Wraps, Head Guards, Focus Pads, Gum Shields, Groin Guards, Skipping Ropes and much more.

10 oz Boxing Gloves

A great choice for hitting pads and heavy bags. Generally not to used for sparring. the 10oz glove is perfect someone with smaller hands and females.

12 oz Boxing Gloves

12oz see more common use for pad work. These gloves are a good choice for someone looking for an all around training glove thats a little lighter than the 14oz

14 oz Boxing Gloves

The most common 'all rounder' glove. They are slightly lighter than the large 16oz's However, they can be used to spar without a problem and heavy bag work.

16 oz Boxing Sparring Gloves

Are the 'gym standard' sparring glove. If you're a larger person with bigger hands. 16's are pretty much the essential choice for any fighter doing live sparring.

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