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Team VS 🦅 10 Core Values

  1. Train Hard, Fight Lucky:
    woman boxing mma kicking valour strike
    Luck is not a thing. Hard work and practice create the perfect punch, move, or strategy.

    Train hard fight easy!

  2. Embrace Failure:
    winner at boxing loser at boxing win all the time
    Successful fighters fail more times than they succeed. Don't fear failure, use it to inspire yourself and learn from it.

  3. Adopt a "Can Do" Attitude:
    woman getting ready to box in boxing gloves fitness
    Winners focus on winning and never make excuses. If you can't do something today, work hard to achieve it in the future.

  4. Be Passionate and Determined:
    mma ladies kickboxing fighting
    It's impossible to love every aspect of combat training, but stay obsessed and determined towards your goal.

  5. Set, Crush, Repeat Goals:
    man kickboxing mma workout
    Goal setting is the only way to measure progress. Our warriors set training, personal, and brand goals, crush them, then set new ones.

  6. Rise to the Challenge:
    wrestling on floor grappling to win the fight
    Anything worth having doesn't come easy. Each goal we set should challenge us. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to be better.

  7. Be Self-Disciplined and Consistent:
    women boxing punching and training
    Avoid procrastination and show up for yourself. The difference-makers are the days when you train despite a million excuses not to.

  8. Learn, Perfect, Repeat:
    brazilian ju jitsu traning locks and applying submissions
    Repetition is the key to success in combat sports. Learn the technique, perfect it, then repeat it over and over again.

  9. Be Open to Change and Listen to Improve:
    boxing kids training boxing on focus pads with coach
    Listen to your coaches, teammates, and experts. Stay open to new ideas and methods to constantly improve.

  10. Respect Others: Every Pro Started as a Beginner:
    men after sparring session in gym boxing mma kickboxing training
    Remember that everyone started at the bottom and worked their way up.

    Respect your teammates, coaches, and opponents, and always try to stay humble.

    eagle boxing mma kickboxing valour strike eagle


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