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"Pink Paw" Womens Boxing Gloves

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"Pink Paw" Womens Boxing Gloves

Valour Strike "Pink Paw" Boxing Gloves

Better Boxing Gloves for Better Training Sessions.
We're super excited to release our Polished Pink Ladies Boxing Gloves.

Our Pink Paw Boxing Gloves are for ladies that want to train hard and look good. We absolutely love these statement boxing gloves that celebrate everything feminine, girly, and pink.

These gloves have been designed to look good, feel good, and perform even better.

PS You don't have to be a lady to wear these gloves, but you do have to love PINK.

✅ BEAUTIFUL POLISHED PINK WOMENS BOXING GLOVES: Our Girly Pink Boxing Gloves are designed to look fantastic but also to be super safe and reliable. Our PU boxing mitt is tear-resistant, durable, and built to protect your hands. The stylish polished finish is super easy to clean after training and the lining is premium and gentle on the skin.

✅ SUPER SAFE TRIPLE LAYERED V-IMPACT FOAM: Our Boxing glove is designed with safety in mind. The multiple layers have different densities of padding, this safely dispenses the impact pressure through the glove. Creating a safer boxing glove and preventing unnecessary injuries (not found in cheap gloves).

✅ HYGIENIC BREATHABLE PINHOLE PALM: Allowing your ladies boxing gloves to breathe. No matter who you are, when you train, you sweat and sweat smells especially in your boxing gloves. That's right male, female, big, small, boys and girls we all sweat. Here at Valour Strike we want to offer a slice of luxury to your hands and let them breathe.

✅ EASY TO USE HOOK & LOOP WRIST SUPPORT: Putting boxing mitts on alone can be difficult for anyone. Our supportive and easy to apply wrist strap makes putting on or removing the gloves easy work, and it can be done alone. The supportive wrist panel also stabilizes your wrist while under strike impact, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

✅ BOXING GLOVES FOR WOMEN: Or Kids Boxing Gloves, girls boxing gloves, female boxing gloves or even some men may love the polished pink paw and vibrant style.

✅ TRIED, TESTED & USED BY THE VALOUR STRIKE TEAM: Take your training to the next level and stay safe with team VS.

Basic Size Guide:

8oz: (Physically small size glove): Typically used by petite ladies for cardio workouts and training.
10oz: (Physically medium size glove) A great choice for ladies & small men hitting pads and heavy bags.
12oz: (Physically medium size glove) - Is a good choice for ladies looking for an all-around training glove.
14oz: (Physically large size glove) The most common men's 'all rounder' glove.
16oz: (Physically large size glove) - 'Gym standard' sparring glove.

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Tried, Tested and Used by Team Valour Strike