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Premium Weighted Jump Ropes for Fitness

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Premium Weighted Jump Ropes for Fitness

🦅 [ WHY JUMP ROPE WITH VALOUR STRIKE? ] Because we absolutely love skipping & the amazing physical & psychological benefits, so we build our ropes with passion. This is more than a business to us it's an absolute obsession.

* Privacy can be a massive thing to people starting out and our skipping rope can be used anywhere not just at the gym.

💪 [ 4 VARIATIONS OF WEIGHTED JUMP ROPES ] Weighted skipping ropes for progressive home gym workouts. With a choice of either the Beautiful Black 6mm diameter (100g) rope length or alternatively the Relentless Red 8mm (180g) rope length. Then simply choose to add or remove the additional 135g handle weight. For the best gains, your training needs to be mixed up and this rope helps you achieve that.
⚙️ [ SUPER SMOOTH BALL BEARING SKIPPING ROPE SYSTEM ] When we received this jumping rope we literally sat there spinning the handle rotation mechanism, it's glorious. The rotation is completely unhindered and gives a truly beautiful rotation that will assist your fitness development for years to come.

🤸 [ YOU GET BOTH THE 6mm & 8mm SKIPPING ROPE LENGTHS ] Mix your home workouts up & taking jumping rope to the next level. Now 80g may not sound like much difference but trust us when the weight is in the rope length it makes a huge difference, you going to love it.

🦘 [ JUMP ROPE WEIGHTED HANDLES ] Simply unscrew the bottom and add or remove the 135g weight & you have a new variation. So quick, so simple you can literally drop set with your skipping rope & burnout to the end to maximize your fitness gains.

⭐ [Independant Reviewed as "Hidden Gem"]  And featured on ORIGI GYM'S best skipping ropes

👪 [Can Be Enjoyed by All Levels of Athlete] So the whole family can get involved and challenge each other. 


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