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How to Wrap Hands For Boxing. Why Use Boxing Hand Wraps?

How to Wrap Hands For Boxing. Why Use Boxing Hand Wraps?

Boxing hand wraps are designed to keep the fist as one solid unit all tied together, therefore stopping bones and ligaments crashing around and damaging each other. They’re not there to protect the knuckles from the impact of a punch, that is the job of your boxing gloves. 

All professionals use hand wraps, they know the benefits that they offer and are keen to use them. Professionals like the idea of using their hands freely for years to come, so they invest in protecting them.

In a nutshell, hand wraps apply customized pressure from multiple angels across the bulk of the hand and wrist area to prevent injury. This pressure from the wraps is key to preventing the dreaded “boxers” fracture.

MMa Boxing Gloves Hand Wraps training combat sports martial arts valour strike

Hand wraps aren’t just reserved for professionals, they are for everyone that trains on a regular basis. Trust us, by using hand wraps your hands will thank you in years to come, plus there is an easy to use option available in Hand Wrap Gloves.

What Are Boxing Hand Wraps For?

Hand wraps compress the bones and tissues in the hand. They increase injury prevention by maintaining the alignment of the joints, compressing and lending strength to the soft tissue of the hand during the impact of a punch.

When you actually sit and think about it, your fists go through a lot of repeated stress when you're just punching a bag. To reduce the chance of injury, the fist is best kept as one solid unit.

When applied correctly hand wraps also support the wrist joint, ensuring the wrist is correctly aligned when the impact of a punch is absorbed by the wrong part of the hand.

An example of when hand wrap support is essential is when sparring, unlike on the punch bag the target is unpredictable in surface area, position and resistance. Therefore the main area of impact on the fist is highly unpredictable. The use of hand wraps helps support the wrist and hand during irregular strike force distribution.

Boxing Valour Strike Hand Wraps MMA Training Hardwork

Hand wraps also significantly strengthen the metacarpus, reducing the likelihood of the famous fracture of one of the metacarpal bones. Such a fracture is commonly referred to as "boxer's fracture".

How to Wrap Hands for Boxing:

To be honest it can be a little overwhelming when you first try to wrap you hands but practice makes perfect, in no time it will be second nature. Below we have popped a couple of bullet points to help:

  1. Place the thumb loop over the thumb.
  2. Pull the wrap across the back of the hand (it may seem like you’re going the wrong way, but this ensures that the wrap stays in place).
  3. Wrap 3 times around the wrist.
  4. Wrap 3 times across the knuckles.
  5. From the base of the thumb, up in-between the smallest fingers, then between the thumb and index finger, down to outside of the hand and back to the base of the thumb.
  6. Repeat step 5 between all fingers.
  7. Turn hand over.
  8. Wrap around the thumb.
  9. Wrap around the hand.
  10. As you come back to the base of the thumb, do a quick U-turn around the thumb.
  11. Wrap 3 times again across the knuckles.
  12. With the remaining wrap length, use where you feel would add support.

hand wraps boxing mma muay thai kick boxing punch bag pads Valour Strike

Hand wraps as seen in the image.

Keep tension on the wrap throughout, complete the process several times until you find what best supports you. Please avoid over tightening the wrap as you still need to be able to make a fist.

*Putting that down in bullet points even makes us feel like it’s more complicated than it is. But don’t worry this can be tried and tested at home until you get the hang of it.

There are several methods of wrapping your hands, this is just the method that we use.

What’s Needed From a Pair of Hand Wraps?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap shorthand wraps out their designed more for profit margins than safety. We are proud to say that our Valour Strike boxing hand wraps are designed with the main focus on purpose and protection.

We would recommend a minimum unstretched length of 4.5 metres. This may seem excessive but once you start wrapping you will learn to appreciate the extra length.

Flexibility is the next major contributor. The hand wraps need to be strong to support your hand but they also need to be flexible to give when needed, otherwise, it will be your bones giving way. We use an optimal blend of materials to ensure that we have the very best of both worlds.

 The other standard points you need are a Velcro enclose to seal the wrap. And obviously, a thumb loop to act as a base to start your wrapping.

As hand wraps are a bit of kit that often becomes sweaty and bloodstained, it’s imperative that you buy machine washable hand wraps. We’re pleased to say that all our hand wraps are machine washable. Although it’s good practice to wash alone for the first couple of times. 

Is there a quick & easy alternative for general pad & bag work?

The short answer is yes, our inner hand wrap gloves do a fantastic job of protecting your fists. They compress to a great level and they’re so easy to use, simply pop them on under your boxing gloves and of you go.

The only downside is a reduction in customized support. However, if you're just doing pad and bag work then the hand wrap gloves are a fantastic option and highly recommended.

Our hand wrap gloves also have an extended 80cm wrist wrap, due to the fact that wrist sizes really can vary among people with the same sized hands. This feature allows a level of customization.

To put them on, you simply slip your hand into the compressing, stretchy material and you’re ready to pop your gloves on and get training immediately.

Final Thought

Do you like using your hands? Well if you do then get a pair of boxing hand wraps today and invest in your future. For such a small price it can make the world of difference to your hands and prevent so many common injuries. If your uncomfortable learning to wrap or just want a quick and easy option, opt for the inner hand wrap gloves. 

Boxing hand wraps are also known as MMA hand wraps, fighting hand wraps, Mexican hand wraps & muay Thai hand wraps. All combat sports use the same hand wraps for the same purpose to protect their hands from injury.

Hand wraps are an essential but largely neglected piece of equipment for anyone punching. They’re an investment in your hands and our hand wraps range, are high quality, at a great price.

Here at Valour Strike we are enthusiastic about injury prevention and our superb Hand Wraps range certainly do just that.


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