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Boxing Hand Wraps

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Better Hand Wraps for Better Training Sessions

-Optimal Flexy Blend Material (For Support but allows for slight movement)

-Pro 4.5m length

-Full Wrap Width Attachment 

Reinforce Thumb Loop

-Prevents "Boxer's Fracture"

-Reduces Risk of Injury

-Machine Washable (wash alone first few times)

-Suitable for all sizes (the earlier we learn to wrap the better)

* PS There are so many bad hand wraps out there so please be careful.

Boxing hand wraps bandages for mma punching handwraps for boxing ukBoxing hand wraps bandages for mma punching handwraps for boxing uk

Do you like using your hands?

When you punch anything your hand come under a lot of impact in a single shot. So if your throwing multiple shots per session & training multiple times per week that's a hell of a lot of impact in such a small area.

Even if your training once a week it's worth it. Let's face it we use our hand for more than just punching.  They're an investment in your hands.

Simply put a good hand wrap when applied correctly stabilizes the wrist and compresses the metacarpals, smaller bones and soft tissue of the hand. Therefore reducing the risk of injury when striking. 

Hand wraps also significantly strengthen the metacarpus, reducing the likelihood of a fracture of the metacarpal bones. Such a fracture is commonly referred to as "boxer's fracture".

Suitable For: Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Personal Protection, Boxercise, Body Combat, Aikido, All Martial Arts.

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