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Pro "All Blacks" Head Guard

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100% PREMIUM SOFT TOUCH LEATHER: Professionally designed with the pro fighter in mind, the head guard is crafted from high grade soft touch leather. The strength within the leather will also promote the longevity & durability of the head guard making it cost effective, as the head guard will last a lot longer.


MOVEMENT REDUCTION INTERIOR & DESIGN: Here at Valour Strike we have designed our premium head guard to keep movement to a minimum. The interior is designed grip to the contours of you head or hair while the dual Velcro system allows you to customizes the fit not only at rear but also on the roof of the head guard.

OPTIMAL 1.5cm PADDING DEPTH & OPEN TOP DESIGN FOR VENTILATION: The head guard allows the body heat that has built up through sparring to escape through the crossed design on the top of the head guard. As 90% of body heat escapes through the head then this design really allows athletes to get more out of training

PROFESSIONAL LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN: The lighter your head guard the longer you can train. Medium 385g. Get the most out of training while staying as safe as possible

DESIGNED, TESTED & USED BY THE VALOUR STRIKE TEAM 🦅 Equipment that inspires confidence 🦅 View our full range > Search Amazon for "VALOUR STRIKE

⭐  Born from the super success of our “All Black” Leather Boxing Gloves.

Pro Leather Boxing/MMA Head Guard

If your serious about contact striking then a reliable head guard is a must-have. The Valour Strike Premium “All Black” head guard offers high-quality protection for the most important part for any fighter.

A securely fitting head guard is priceless when sparring, as the slightest movement can obscure, distract or even cause injury here we have focused upon the fitting. The 100% premium quality leather also ensures that your head guard is built to last.



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