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Premium Boxing Mouth Guard Gum Shield

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Product Information


Do you like your teeth? Do you do contact sports? Then a good gum shield is an absolute MUST HAVE. Here at Valour Strike we have a gum shield that you can mold to your own personal shape, therefore offering better protection for your much-needed pegs.

A simple little bit of kit that personally molds to the shape of your mouth. Simply follow the simple 6-step process to personalizing your mold. If you struggle with it don't worry, simply drop us a little message and a customer service team member that uses the gum shield will contact you to offer general advice and guidance.


Before training there is nothing worse than reaching to the bottom of your sweaty training bag to find your gum shield covered in fluff and all sorts. So here at Valour Strike as fellow athletes we understand that issue and have provided a premium case. That doesn't just keep your gum shields clean but also ventilates the storage area, keeping them safe and hygienic for your next session.

BEAT YOUR BEST (our trademarked slogan):

Why? Well it's simple really whether you're a top line pro or just starting out your journey exactly that.....yours. Not the man next to you not the top dog it's simply your journey and if you keep that it mind every time you train you will improve far quicker than constantly comparing yourself to other.


While taking part in any contact sport a gum shield offers a great level of protection, however no gum shield can offer absolute protection. Users should be aware that gum shields offer a significant reduction in the risk but no gum shield can offer full and absolute protection. Professional advice is recommended.

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