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Boxing Gum Shield - Premium Mouth Guard

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Boxing Gum Shield - Premium Mouth Guard

MOULD YOUR GUM SHIELD TO THE SHAPE OF YOUR TEETH: With our advanced technology, we're able to provide a mouldable base that can offer your teeth the personal protection they need. Our easy to follow instruction sheet will be sent out with your gumshield to allow athletes to set their mould.

PREMIUM ERGONOMIC DESIGN & VENTILATION: A premium touch that allows much-needed oxygen to travel through the holes while under pressure, therefore allowing the athlete an increase in oxygen which will result in higher performance and stamina. While still maintaining a high level of safety.

CRAFTED FOR 100% HIGH-QUALITY EVA: Safe, hygienic, tested, reliable and provides the perfect level of resistance to safely support your teeth.

FREE VENTILATED CASE: Because before training there is nothing worse than reaching to the bottom of your sweaty training bag to find your gum shield covered
in fluff and undesirable stains. Our ventilated carry case keeps your gum shield safe and hygienic for your next session.

USED FOR: Boxing, MMA, Rugby, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, American football, wrestling, basically any sport where contact at force can be expected and you want to protect your teeth.

BEAT YOUR BEST: Challenge yourself to achieve more than YOU ever have BEAT YOUR BEST.

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Gum Shield Description:

Do you like your teeth? Do you participate in contact sports? If the answer is yes, then a good gum shield is an absolute MUST HAVE. Here at Valour Strike, we have just that. Our gum shield doesn’t just slot into your mouth as a universal fitting, our gum shield offers a fully personalized custom fit.

A good gum shield needs to be personally shaped to offer good support and protection as everyone’s teeth are different. With our advanced technology, we’re able to provide a mouldable base that can offer your teeth the personal protection they need.

In a nutshell, you simply heat the gum shield up to the required temperature (63-75 degrees), safely bite into the inner panel as it becomes less rigid, hold the bite down for 20-30 seconds, remove and pop it under the cold water tap. The cold water will force the inner lining of the gum shield to become solid again and maintain the shape created by your teeth.

We do include a full and compressive guide of how to mould your gum shield within your order, so don’t worry you will always have a point of reference. Also please don’t worry if at first you make a mistake it’s simple just restart the process again until you have perfected it.

Our gum shield is a fantastic bit of kit that will help prevent damage to your teeth. If you struggle with it don't worry, simply send us a little message and a Valour Strike team member that uses the gum shield will contact you to offer general advice and guidance.


While taking part in any contact sport a gum shield offers a great level of protection, however no gum shield can offer absolute protection. Users should be aware that gum shields offer a significant reduction in the risk but no gum shield can offer full and absolute protection. Professional advice is recommended.

Suitable for: Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Cricket, Hockey, Weight Lifting, Bruxism and much more.

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