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Our Core Values

1: Be passionate and determined.

Every morning Valour Strike team members say to themselves “No matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets I am going to give it my best”. Goals are not designed to be easy and it takes heart to achieve them. Digging deep and finding the will to move on when your body is saying no but passion and determination drive you forward. Live your passion and don’t let the other people’s negativity hold you back, for you are the captain of your own ship.

It is next to impossible to stop a passionately determined individual.

2: Refuse envy, achieve your own goals.

Here at Valour Strike we are all about positivity and chasing our own goals. However it is so easy to be pulled into getting even rather than getting ahead. Too many people look at others and consume themselves with envy. So we live by our slogan “BEAT YOUR BEST”. The key word is “YOUR”.

3: Respect others.

Always respect others just because they are not on your level does not mean that you are entitled to disrespect them. A great statement we live by is “The only time you should look down on someone is to help pick them up”.

4: The harder we train the luckier we get.

Success breed’s envy and you have no right to control someone else’s mind. Yet you find so many envious people making statements about luck. They say things like “That’s a lucky punch” or “I can do that” but what they fail to acknowledge is that lucky punch has been practiced 10,000 times in training. That lucky punch was enabled by the footwork I have worked on over and over again. Getting up 1 hour earlier than everyone else to improve my cardio created that lucky punch.

There is no substitute for hard work!

5: Be open to change.

If you are not willing to change your potential is very limited. How many times do you watch a professional sports man or woman on TV say they have changed their approach to their game? It’s common and a main contributor towards their continued success. Just because one method has worked well does not mean you cannot experiment with others to improve.

6: Listening is improving.

The ability to listen and absorb information is the strongest skill with any successful athlete. However when you do listen it is important that you take that information and make it your own. When you’re talking your repressing what you already know, but if your listening your learning something new. Advice is not always good advice, but the choice is yours to accept or reject it.

7: Share knowledge and help others.

If you can help someone then why shouldn’t you? There is no decent answer to this question. There are so many people in the gym with great advice to give, yet they keep it to themselves. If you see someone rocking around while doing dumbbell curls, why not take the time out and offer advice explaining the reasons why. The same goes for MMA with poor technique on the heavy bag and you have genuine knowledge why not give them 2 minutes of your time? Sharing is caring and you will feel better about it.

8: Build a positive team

Professional sports men and women are part of team. They develop and work together looking for one common goal improvement. Building a positive mentality around your team helps you develop as a person. We see fighters enter the ring alone, but they didn’t get to that level alone.

Together Everyone Achieves More

9: Pursue improvement and education.

Nobody knows everything and the best athletes in the world learn new things everyday. They train with different coaches from time to time to broaden their knowledge and expertise. Your physical education can never be complete.

10: Don’t fear failure.

This statement is at the heart of the Valour Strike team. Everyday we try to improve, take on new challenges and set new goals. And we rarely achieve success immediately but when we do fail, we don’t sit and sulk we get back up and go again searching for progress.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said “anything I ever attempted I was always willing to fail.” This is one of the most successful people in the world and he failed regularly. Moral of the story is we have to accept progress is only guaranteed if you are willing to fail at some point.

Our Core Values :

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