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We know our products inside out, we know what’s required from each product and we know how to give our customers as much value for money as possible. We provide equipment from entry level all the way up to all inspiring professionals. We can’t give you a Ferrari for £30 but what we can give you is an exceptionally high performing boxing glove, outstanding value for money, and a piece of training equipment that will inspire confidence on 2 levels.

Here at we take immense pride in providing products that will inspire confidence within our customers. That’s probably why we have such a dramatically high customer retention rate, our customers know they can trust us and know they are getting a good deal, so they come back to us again and again 😁.

The soul of our brand is inspiring your fitness journey by providing equipment that inspires confidence. The first part of how we inspire that confidence is we provide safe, reliable, great products at great prices.

The second part of how we want to inspire your journey is by helping you get that extra round out of training, that extra 3 minutes on the bag, that ability to dig deep and go again when you think you can’t. As you know this is the bit that makes all the difference and we want to help you get there. We are all training for something let the Eagle inspire you to achieve more.

Our inspiration has always been in our name:


Dictionary definition: “Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle”

To us Valour represents the inner mindset and strength to have the courage to start, the courage to move forward, and the courage to achieve your own goals. Everyone is held back by fear at some point, so it’s about having the ‘Valour’ to push through the fear and attack your targets.


Dictionary definition: “A sudden attack” and “hit forcibly or deliberately with one’s hand”

To us ‘Strike’ represents acting now. To strike like an eagle at your target before you miss the opportunity, we all have one common enemy TIME and time doesn’t wait for anyone. To us ‘Strike’ represents acting on your thoughts, bringing those training goals to the front of the mind and acting on them now.

Strike forcibly, deliberately and immediately. Get what you want from training quicker by acting today.


So when VALOUR meets STRIKE it literally means more than words, it’s an unstoppable force. It means to have the courage to act NOW. Whatever the goal is, whatever the dream is, whatever you want from your training, have the valour to strike on it now knowing that you have safe, reliable and trustworthy equipment supplied by your team at.

We built this brand on providing superb products at great prices, now we want to push to the next level and we want you to be part of the movement.

Why the Eagle:

In short the eagle is a predator that strikes out at its targets on a daily basis. It is focused, determined, skilled and isn’t defeated by one failed strike. An eagle doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of others; it focuses on achievement and being as successful as it can be. Eagle’s know they are responsible for their own success but they also know they belong to the Eagle family.

Will you be a predator striking out at your goals today?


Safely Supporting Athletes to Attack


Safer, Stronger & Lasts Longer


Tried, Tested and Used by Team Valour Strike