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MMA Sparring Gloves

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Better MMA Gloves for Better Training Sessions

-Open Palm design allows Subs, Locks & Throws 

-V-Impact Gel Infused Protection

-5cm Domed Protection above the Knuckle Line

-Prevents injury & promotes mobility

-Hook & Loop Wrist Strap

-Stabilizing Padding Panel above the wrist strap

-Super Durable PU Material

-Premium Lined Interior

MMA Sparring Gloves for training and boxercise gloves

MMA Sparring Gloves for training and boxercise gloves

MMA Sparring Gloves for training and boxercise glovesMMA Gloves are designed to protect a fighter’s knuckles, ligaments, and hand tissue while striking. In addition to this protection MMA Gloves also need to allow the freedom to perform throws, locks, and submissions.

Our gloves are perfectly designed to provide advanced protection (foam depth 5cm) and to allow for easy hand mobility while training. Our MMA sparring gloves allow you to increase the percentage of force used while sparring due to the dome of protection offered. 

New Exercises Classes use MMA Gloves

There has been a recent movement within the fitness world towards combat-based training classes such as body combat, boxercise, crossfit and other striking exercise classes.

Classes have become more diverse in the range of exercises performed therefore there has been a great demand for open palm gloves.

The open palm design enables users to strike their pads and then quickly return to their burpees without the need to remove the gloves, making them perfect fitness class buddy's. 

Suitable For: MMA, Wrestling, Crossfit, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxercise, Body Combat, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts, Fitness Classes, Crossfit, HIIT

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