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Professional Kickboxing, Muay Thai Shin Guards

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Professional Kickboxing, Muay Thai Shin Guards

PROFESSIONAL 28mm HIGH DENSITY COMPRESSED FOAM PADDING: Specifically designed to allow athletes a great level of protection, while also allowing the athlete to "feel the contact". Therefore, the athlete's shins will naturally condition and training can be intensified safely.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: The lighter your training leg guards the longer you can train. Using advanced manufacturing processes our leg guards are optimized to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining extremely high levels of safety. Medium sized shin guard weight 230g per guard.

SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED WITH THE ATHLETE'S MOBILITY IN MIND: Our protection panels are strategically placed and set to the very best levels, therefore the athlete can move as freely as possible, while dramatically reducing the chance of injury. 

4 WAY FITTING SYSTEM TO ENSURE MINIMAL MOVEMENT DURING TRAINING: There's nothing worse than having to drop your guard while sparring to spin your leg guard back into place. We have tackled this by using a dual Velcro hook & loop system, plus an elasticated heel and under foot strap.

EXTREMELY DURABLE PU MATERIAL: Ergonomically designed to ensure that your leg guards will last as long as possible without tearing or degrading. PU materials are extremely durable and resilient under pressure.

DESIGNED, TESTED & USED BY THE VALOUR STRIKE TEAM 🦅 Equipment that inspires confidence 

Muay Thai Shin Guards / Kickboxing Shin Guards

The expertly designed leg guards are extremely durable and built to help safely develop fighters. Sporting a 180 degree compressed foam padding the Valour Strike Leg Guards allow athletes to safely feel their kicks connect. While providing high levels of protection to an athlete's shin, the shin will then naturally & safely condition. Crafted from extremely high levels of skin-friendly materials & at an ultra-lightweight.


Suitable For: Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Aikido, Hapkido, Fitness Classes, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.

Benefits Contact Leg Striking can assist in improving Flexibility, Speed, Power, Cardio Vascular Levels, Personal Protection, Fitness & Weight Loss.

* Not to be worn with shoes.


“I’m an experienced MMA fighter and these are Fantastic Leg Guards. For the price they are faultless. The fitting is great and when I contact spar MMA they protect me with confidence and also allow me to use my super-fast foot work without slowing me down too much” David Lloyd, Nottingham

“I have had the valour strike leg guards for 8 months now and they are still in great condition. So I have been back and bought some more of their gear” Sean Jones, Wigan

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Safely Supporting Athletes to Attack


Safer, Stronger & Lasts Longer


Tried, Tested and Used by Team Valour Strike