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Discover the Perfect Boxing Gloves for Everyone πŸ₯ŠπŸ‘€ Valour Strike Paws

Discover the Perfect Boxing Gloves for Everyone πŸ₯ŠπŸ‘€ Valour Strike Paws

πŸ₯Š The Ultimate Boxing Gloves for Everyone

What colour is your Favourite?

pink boxing gloves man and woman in pink boxing glovesΒ 

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, finding the perfect pair of boxing gloves is essential for your training and performance.

Valour Strike "Paws" offers an outstanding range of boxing gloves, from kids boxing gloves to women's boxing gloves, in various colours and sizes. ShopΒ our boxing gloves today and buy boxing gloves online in the UK.

Experience Top Quality with Valour Strike Paws

red boxing gloves for boxing mma kickboxing

Valour Strike Paws are the best boxing gloves for everyone, crafted with polished PU synthetic leather and offering V-IMPACT multi-layered protection.

The premium soft touch lining provides maximum comfort, while the ventinaled hygiene-friendly pinhole palm ensures breathability during intense training sessions.

green boxing gloves valour strike

These gloves also feature an easy-to-use hook and loop wrist strap, a stabilizing 7.5cm strap width, and a 2.5cm wide support panel above the Velcro strap.

With an attached thumb and easy-to-clean design, Valour Strike Paws are vegan-friendly and tested by Team VS to guarantee top performance.

Find the Perfect Size for Your Needs

Valour Strike "Paws" offers boxing gloves for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. Choose from various sizes, including:

woman black boxing gloves

Boxing Glove Size Guide

  • 4oz Boxing Gloves: Ideal for small children, these gloves make an excellent first pair.
  • 6oz Boxing Gloves: Suitable for young kids participating in various exercises and disciplines.
  • 8oz Boxing Gloves: Designed for petite ladies focusing on cardio workouts and training.
  • 10oz Boxing Gloves: Perfect for ladies and small men engaging in pad and heavy bag training.
  • 12oz Boxing Gloves: An all-around training glove for men & women.
  • 14oz Boxing Gloves: The most common men's all-rounder glove.
  • 16oz Boxing Gloves: The standard gym sparring glove for men.

Choose Your Favourite Colour

white boxing gloves for training

Valour Strike Paws boxing gloves come in various colours to match your style, including black, red, white, green, and pink.

Show off your personality and passion with these vibrant gloves. What suits you?

Perfect for All Martial Arts

These gloves are suitable for a variety of martial arts, including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Thai boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, muay thai, taekwondo, wing chun, aikido, hapkido, boxercise, body combat, and personal protection.

Shop the Best Boxing Gloves in the UK

Don't miss out on the opportunity to buy Valour Strike Paws boxing gloves online and elevate your training experience.

Find the perfect pair for you or your loved ones and experience the difference high-quality gloves can make in your performance. Buy Boxing Gloves

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