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Perfect Your Jab: Drills to improve your jab in boxing, kickboxing or MMA

Perfect Your Jab: Drills to improve your jab in boxing, kickboxing or MMA

How to Improve Jab in Boxing

 boxing jab landing training the jab for boxing

Mastering the jab is a crucial step for both budding enthusiasts and seasoned professionals in the realm of boxing, MMA, and other combat sports.

The jab serves as the foundation of your offensive strategy, so understanding how to execute it properly can significantly enhance your performance in the ring & we have a few simple drills to help you improve that.

Common Jab Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

 common mistake when jabbing jab mistakes

Robert Zab, an ISKA British Kickboxing Champion, demonstrates on our YouTube Channel how to avoid common mistakes when throwing a jab.

The first and most common mistake is dropping your hand to your chest before throwing your jab.

This mistake exposes your left side, leaving you vulnerable to your opponent's right hand.

Proper Jab Technique

 correct way to throw a jab in boxing

To deliver an effective jab, ensure that your jab comes straight from your chin and goes back to your chin.

This technique provides a defensive position, protecting yourself from potential counters from your opponent.


Another important tip is to visualize a pipe.

When throwing your jab, imagine going down the pipe and coming back up, all while maintaining the position of your hand.

Knuckle Rotation

Avoid rotating your knuckles too early when throwing your jab.

This move exposes your body, making you an easy target for body shots. Instead, keep your thumb up and only rotate your knuckles just before full extension.

Elbow Position

Avoid telegraphing your shot by making sure your elbow doesn't protrude outward when you throw a jab.

If you're struggling with this, use a wall to guide you. Every time your elbow hits the wall, it means you're throwing it out too early.

Practising Your Jab

practice jabbing punch jab drills 

Practice makes perfect. One method to improve your jab is by watching yourself in the mirror or filming yourself.

This approach allows you to spot mistakes and make necessary corrections.

Moreover, always aim your jab at the head height of an opponent the same size as you. This strategy will help you hit your target accurately every time.

Vary Your Jab

Always changing the speed and power of your jab makes it difficult for your opponent to read your moves.

Sometimes, just flicking out your jab can make your opponent underestimate its impact. Once they let their guard down, you can deliver a powerful jab.

Mastering these techniques takes patience and dedication. So gear up with the best combat sports equipment from Valour Strike, practice regularly, and you'll be throwing that perfect jab in no time.

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The jab is a fundamental move in boxing and other combat sports.

Mastering this technique with the right equipment and practice will drastically improve your game.

So, take the jab challenge today with Valour Strike, your trusted partner in combat sports training!

Full YouTube Video 👉 How to Improve Your Jab

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Note: Always remember safety comes first. Train smart and protect yourself. Equip yourself with our high-quality protective gear and stay safe while you train.

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