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What Are The Benefits of Training Kickboxing?

What Are The Benefits of Training Kickboxing?

KickBoxing Training

Kickboxing really is a great way to get fit, learn self-defense, meet new people and you could even become a professional with the ability to help others. Remember every master once started of as a beginner.

The benefits of kickboxing are not just limited to physical aspects either; by joining a kickboxing club it can also help you mentally. Finding new friends and a developing a new inner confidence that will filter into your personal life.

Kickboxing was created back in the 1960’s and was initially a Japanese full contact combat sport, a mixture of both Karate and Muay Thai incorporating different aspects of each discipline. This form of combat then found its way into North America where American Kickboxing was formed in the 1970’s.

Muay Thai

We have all seen the 1989 film Kickboxer starring Jean Claude Van Damme, or if you haven’t you need to it’s a classic. The film shows how practicing kickboxing can vary quite dramatically.

There is still no single recognized governing body for kickboxing. Which means that rules vary quite dramatically depending where the style originated.

Starting Kickboxing is quite easy. You don’t need loads of kit to try it, but a great place to start is with a pair of Boxing Gloves and Kickboxing Shin Pads . This will give you the ability to go sparring with others and stay safe. If you’re really only looking to develop your cardio and meet new people then a pair of Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads are the perfect place to start.

Kickboxing really is an exceptional workout for your core, forcing your body to use muscles you didn’t even know existed. The type of moves found in Kickboxing are generally stolen and put into workout videos or classes due to the intensity and the type of muscle contractions used.

Kick Boxing Knee


But be prepared after training you will feel the burn, in a very good way. This is when the kickboxing bug starts to set in.

Boxing Gloves are essential to anyone training any combat sport but the difficult decision really lies in the choice of pads for Kickboxing. Firstly we have the Focus Pads, which are 2 small pads that act as targets for punches.

The size of the pads are a few inches larger than a man’s hands. Focus pads are becoming increasingly popular in fitness classes such as Crossfit.

The second pad is the Thai Pad. The pads are sold a singular unit, as people do like to work on self-defense strikes. However we recommend getting 2 pads, one for each arm.

The benefit of using a Thai Kick pad is that they are large and allow athletes to kick them with ease. They are relatively simple to use, just hold the handle and tighten both straps over your forearm.

Valour Strike has everything you need if your starting out or a seasoned kickboxer.

Good luck with your training and feel free to comment below.

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Yosh Barbier calendar_today

Love this! Thank you for sharing!

Jassica Rayan calendar_today

Hi, I would like to start practicing kickboxing and I want to do it home. I am reading articles and watching videos. Now need suggestions for my gloves. Can anyone please help me some brands. I got some of them here, but need honest opinion from you guys.

Kajal calendar_today

Great post, John! I agree that as an intense body workout, kickboxing is great for those who want to have a toned body. it is also a great self-defence technique for women. and a wonderful way to beat stress.

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