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Pro Kickboxing Leather Leg Guards | "All Blacks" MMA Shin Guards

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Pro Kickboxing Leather Leg Guards | "All Blacks" MMA Shin Guards

When your new leg guards arrive you will be hugely impressed with the quality. The feel of the soft touch level is something special.

We have kept it simple, elegant and allowed the quality to speak for itself. Sporting the trusted Valour Strike logo with an all black design these leg guards are aimed at committed athletes wanting a premium long lasting leg guard.

100% PREMIUM SOFT TOUCH REAL LEATHER: Making our leg guards extremely durable, strong and elegantly practical. This leather choice is not a basic leather, it is a premium leather that perfectly meets and exceeds the requirement of combat sports leg guards. 
ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN TO MAXIMIZE TRAINING SESSIONS: The lighter your training leg guards the longer you can train. Using advanced manufacturing development processes our leg guards are optimized to be as light weight as possible while maintaining extremely high levels of safety. Medium sized shin guard weight per pair 510g, 255g per leg guard, get the most out of training while staying as safe as possible.

INFUSED NEOPRENE PADDING PANELS WITH RAISED SHIN BONE PROTECTION PANEL: The infused neoprene panels within the leg guards are ergonomically designed to provide super high levels of protection. As the shin is a high risk area to injury we have raised a protection panel across the shin bone length to offer increased protection in this area. But don’t worry they aren’t giant pillows and you will feel the contact of striking at force but safely. Your shin’s will naturally condition under the leg guards so you don’t get the shock of your life when you remove them for an event.

COMFORTABLE & SECURE FITTING: There is nothing worse than your leg guards spinning during sparring or irritating the skin. To promote the secure fitting of the leg guard we have used the optimal strap width of 75mm wide. This depth to the strap allows an increased surface area to apply the pressure and keep them in position, therefore avoiding irritation but not impacting upon performance and comfort. Both straps are fully covered in high quality Velcro that is also skin friendly and further avoids unnecessary skin irritation.

DUAL 40mm WIDE ELASTICATED HEEL AND UNDER FOOT FITTING: The dual elasticated straps and perfectly placed to provide a secure fitting but not impact on your mobility. The under foot strap in strategically placed in the middle of the foot. This way avoiding the ball of the foot where most of the athlete’s movement pressure will be applied throughout training.




Sizing in Inches-

Small= Shin Guard Length-12.5, Foot Length- 5.8 Upper Total Strap Length- 11

Medium= Shin Guard Length- 13 Foot Length- 5.8 Upper Total Strap Length- 12

Large= Shin Guard Length- 13.5 Foot Length- Upper Total Strap Length- 11.5

XL=  Shin Guard Length- 14 Foot Length- 6 Upper Total Strap Length- 12

Suitable For-

Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Aikido, Hapkido, Fitness Classes, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.


Contact Leg Striking can assist in improving Flexibility, Speed, Power, Cardio Vascular Levels, Personal Protection, Fitness & Weight Loss.



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