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Boxing Shorts & Black Gym T-Shirt
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Blood Eagle MMA Shorts & Workout T-Shirt

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Product Information


Valour Strike Pro MMA Shorts & MMA T-Shirt

Valour Strike MMA T Shirts

  • BodyFit Technology for a slim-fit look, promoting the upper body.
  • Sporting the Valour Strike crest, a sure sign quality
  • Optimal blend of 65% Polyester & 35% cotton for great durability- *Machine washable
  • Ideal for casual wear or working out.
  • Available in 5 colours, which one suits your personality?

Product Description

Valour Strike MMA T-ShirtRepresenting MMA together.

MMA is for Mixed Martial ARTIST’s and not for knuckle headed thugs! Our Valour Strike T-Shirt tells people just that. By sporting the names of the top 10 most practiced disciplines within the UK, together we are making a bold statement, representing the movement from “Cage Fighter” to Mixed Martial Artist. Uneducated fools may just see 2 people fighting but an educated MMA fan understands the difference, so wear yours with pride and represent MMA!

Available in a variety of colours to suit your personality. Which one will YOU chose? Delivered to your door for an unbeatable price, get yours and join the Valour Strike club today!  

BodyFit Technology- Polyester (65%) & Cotton (35%) using the optimal blend so that it glides across the body giving in the areas that it needs to this Tee looks great on everybody. You’re not getting a short lasting flash in the pan, this Tee is built to last. Super durable and uber comfortable this Tee is simply awesome.


Expertly designed so that you look awesome, the Valour Strike Tee promotes all the areas you want it too.  Enhancing the pectoral area is the famous Valour Strike logo with a pair of strong wings for extra effect. Directly below the chest plate and on top of the abdominal muscles are the names of the 10 disciplines. The names are precisely placed upon the Tee to create a V like design which further reinforces the Broad upper body shrinking to a narrow waist.


The rear of the Tee sports our Valour Strike slogan "Only the Courageous" in the cool tattoo affect.

Sleeves- both Sleeves are identical & sport the Valour Strike name a sure sign of guaranteed quality.

Suitable For- Casual wear, Training, Gym wear, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxercise, Body Combat, Aikido, Wrestling, Judo, All Martial Arts.


"Absolutely love this T Shirt, it looks awesome on. I have a decent body but this makes me look so much better & I LOVE MMA" Davie Jones, Wales

"Delivered fast, great fit, best Tee on the market for MMA. Quality material and great print. My brother has ordered the red one now." James Sinclair, Essex

The Valour Strike Blood Eagle MMA Shorts.

  • 100% Polyester for ultimate odour prevention & hygiene efficiency.
  • Triple stitching in areas that are proven to come under high stress during combat.
  • Draw string waist covered by Velcro enclosure for safety.
  • Multi directional stretch panel located on the Inner thigh & groin area for flexible athletes.
  • Ultra-light weight design up to 4x lighter than standard shorts (34” waist shorts- 168g)


The Blood Eagle’s MMA Shorts are specifically engineered for the ultimate martial arts fighter. Valour Strike’s flagship shorts are built around understanding a fighter’s requirements and responding to them, providing durability and high performance throughout. The Blood Eagles are built to handle the most flexible of athletes at their extremes.

Fully Subliminated Design- ensures maximum durability. The whole Blood Eagle design is fully subliminated into the polyester creating a smooth and professional finish.*Washing machine friendly.

Multi Directional Stretch Panel- Used to enable full flexibility within the thigh and groin area. The MDS Panel allows athletes to perform a full range of stretches including the splits. 5” Split seams as standard.

Draw string & Velcro cover- Easy to access and tighten draw string waist fitting. Covered with a Velcro enclosure to increase safety while in close combat.

Triple Stitched- in areas identified as coming under high stress levels during combat or while performing extreme stretches.

Ultra-Lightweight design enables the very best training sessions possible without unnecessarily taxing the holder with additional weight.

Hygiene- 100% high quality polyester fabric chosen for bacterial resistance, hygiene efficiency and odour minimization. Making the Valour Strike Blood Eagle’s MMA Shorts a great choice for you and your trainer partner, as the sweat from training is not held in the shorts.


All shorts are sized in accordance to their waist size.

Suitable For-

MMA, CrossFit, Squatting, Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Karate, Yoga, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxercise, Body Combat, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts, Flexibility training.


MMA Shorts can be worn while training or fighting any martial art. Our MMA Shorts can also be worn while performing physically challenging stretches, attending the gym, training your legs or even casual wear.


“I have been doing MMA for over ten years now and these shorts are great, you cannot do better especially for the price well done Valour Strike!” Bobby Large, Southampton

“I needed some stretchy shorts for my cross fit training and yoga so I thought I’d try these MMA Short out. Best thing I ever did!” Carlos Pearce, Glasgow 

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