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14oz Boxing Gloves & Kickboxing Leg Guard SET

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Leg Guard Size

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Product Information


A package deal to suit athletes who enjoy throwing kicks as well as punches. If your training any form of Martial Arts the chances are you will need a good set of Leg Guards to match your Boxing Gloves. Protecting yourself against injury as you practice is key to developing  good technique. This awesome package deal acknowledges that and offers both products delivered together.

Professional 14oz “Black Paw” Boxing Gloves:

  • 14oz Pro Boxing Gloves
  • Multi layered V-Impact foam prevents injury.
  • Breathable mesh palm offers increased hygiene efficiency.
  • Hook & loop Velcro enclosure enables easy adjustments.
  • Extended 3 inch wide wrist strap for increased support & injury prevention.

Offering all the professional features at an unbeatable price.

Built to protect the most aggressive heavyweight punchers from injury, these gloves can take what you want to give out! Whether you’re training for a professional bout, taking up personal protection or simply learning to channel your frustrations through exercise, the Valour Strike “Black Paws” are the perfect glove for you.

V-Impact foam padding: ensures even strike wave distribution throughout the glove upon impact. The condensed and professionally placed shock absorbing foam protects the whole fist.

Breathable mesh palm: enables fresh air flow. The ventilated mesh palm enables the glove to effectively breathe during and after use. This allows sweat and unwanted odours to escape freely.

Attached curved thumb: for optimal fist closure, minimising hand and wrist muscle tensions and preventing eye and thumb injuries.

Hook & Loop Velcro enclosures: ensure that the gloves are securely attached to the athlete, the fitting can be adjusted easily throughout training.

Extended 3 inch wide strap: offers increased wrist support when striking. Creating a stable connection and preventing wrist injuries.

Size: 14oz

Suitable For: Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Aikido, Hapkido, Boxercise, Body Combat, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.

Uses- Boxing gloves can assist in improving punching speed, power, hand & eye co-ordination, cardio vascular levels, personal protection, fitness, weight loss & health.

Kick Boxing/ MMA Leg Guards:

  • 180 degree compressed foam padding allows athletes to safely feel the kick impact (Foam Depth 28mm).
  • Safely promotes natural shin conditioning.
  • Elasticated heel and underfoot straps create a secure fitting.
  • Ultra-light weight V-Impact protection & Extreme Durability.
  • Easily adjustable dual Hook & Loop Velcro strapping.

The expertly designed VSL-1’s are extremely durable and built to help safely develop athletes. Sporting a 180 degree compressed foam padding, the Valour Strike Leg Guards allow athletes to safely feel their kicks connect. While providing high levels of protection, an athlete’s shin will naturally & safely condition. Crafted from extremely high levels of skin friendly materials at an ultra-light weight.

Safety & Control

28mm Depth Foam: Using optimized foam protection levels, the Valour Strike Leg Guards offer high levels of protection with minimal impact on mobility.

Dual Velcro Straps: ensures that the shin guards fit as securely as possible. The first strap securely attaches around the belly of the calf & the second just above the ankle area.

Elasticated Heel and Underfoot Strap: offers an advanced fitting with minimal interference. The strategically placed underfoot elastic is located just behind the ball of the foot to minimalize interference.

Sizing in Inches:

Small= Shin Guard Length-12.5, Foot Length- 5.8 Upper Total Strap Length- 11

Medium= Shin Guard Length- 13 Foot Length- 5.8 Upper Total Strap Length- 13

Large= Shin Guard Length- 13.5 Foot Length- Upper Total Strap Length- 11.5

XL= Shin Guard Length- 14 Foot Length- 6 Upper Total Strap Length- 12

Suitable For: Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Aikido, Hapkido, Fitness Classes, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.

Uses: Contact Leg Striking can assist in improving Flexibility, Speed, Power, Cardio Vascular Levels, Personal Protection, Fitness & Weight Loss.

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