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Boxing Groin Guard Leather MMA Abdominal Protector

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Boxing Groin Guard Leather MMA Abdominal Protector

Boxing/ MMA Groin Guard:

PREMIUM PROTECTION: For the most vulnerable and arguably the most important part of any athlete. There is nothing worse than an unfitted groin guard moving around while sparring, causing awkward adjustments and lack of protection. Our premium Groin Guard is designed to protect your most sensitive area accurately. 

ELASTICATED 3 POINT FITTING SYSTEM: The 3 points of connection are designed to accurately control and place the groin guard in the required area. The elasticity that connects the points together is specifically set to a great level of resistance.

INCREASED CUP SIZE: Within the UK there is a demand for an increased cup size above standard. Therefore, we have increased the room within the protected cup by one size. As there is nothing worse than a groin guard that is too small.

EXTREMELY DURABLE PU MATERIAL: Specifically designed to ensure that your groin guard will last as long as possible without tearing or degrading. PU materials are extremely durable and resilient under pressure making them the perfect choice for your groin guard.

✅ DURABLE PLASTIC CUP: Surrounding the actual groin area is an extremely strong purpose built cup. The density of the plastic used to craft the cup is set at an optimal depth to withstand extremely heavy blows.

SIZES AVAILABLE: Small < 28" waist, Medium 29"- 32" , Large 33"-36", XL 37"+ ("=inch) * Elasticated therefore size does not need to be exact.

DESIGNED, TESTED & USED BY THE VALOUR STRIKE TEAM 🦅 Equipment that inspires confidence 🦅

When you're regularly training any form of striking it's inevitable that a low blow will occur, and when it does it literally takes your breath away. It wouldn't even be that bad if the pain was just a temporary thing. But no a solid low blow connection can have serious consequences for your highly valued area.

Here at Valour Strike we have focused on creating a groin guard that offers great reliable protection. From the fit to the durability we haven't compromised on quality.


Size Guide (waist):
Small < 28"
Medium 29"- 32"
Large 33"-36"
XL 37"+ ("=inch)

* The waist bands are fully elasticated therefore the size does not need to be exact.

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