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Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads - Valour Strike
Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads - Valour Strike Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads - Valour Strike Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads - Valour Strike Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads

Premium Red Paw Boxing Gloves & Pro Muay Thai Shin Pads

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Key Features:

  • PREMIUM POLISHED RED BOXING GLOVES: A truly unique glove that offers exceptionally high levels of performance throughout. Available in 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz & 16oz.
  • BOXING GLOVES: GEL INFUSED & MULTI-LAYERED V-IMPACT FOAM: Reduces the chance of injuring your fists.
  • 3 INCH WIDE WRIST STRAP: The extended wrist strap lends support to the wrist while striking to prevent injury.
  • THE BREATHABLE PINHOLE PALM OFFERS INCREASED HYGIENE EFFICIENCY: Unwanted odours and bacteria are allowed to escape.

Boxing Gloves Features:

Valour Strike proudly presents our Premium Polished Red Paw Boxing Gloves. With a keen eye for detail, these gloves have been designed to look good, feel good and perform even better. Sporting a new and exciting design the exterior to the glove is a thing of beauty that must be seen up close to appreciate.

Built to protect the most aggressive heavyweight punchers from injury, these gloves can take what you want to give out! Whether you’re training for a professional bout, taking up personal protection or simply learning to channel your frustrations through exercise, the Valour Strike Premium Red Shine Gloves are the perfect glove for you.

V-Impact foam protection:

The V-Impact condensed and professionally placed shock absorbent foam protects the whole fist upon impact. The strike wave distribution is outstanding throughout the glove, offering high levels of protection for you and your sparring partners. 

Breathable pinhole support panel:

Strategically placed 2.5cm wide support panel located just above the Velcro strap. The placement of the 2.5cm wide and 1.5cm depth strap lends support to the wrist area and base of the fist throughout impact. The panel also sports pinhole technology to enable the panel to breathe and flex throughout your training sessions.

Breathable Pinhole Technology:

The ventilated pinhole palm enables the glove to effectively breathe during and after use. This allows sweat and unwanted odors to escape freely. The breathable palm is truly a touch of class and a measure that is not seen in standard boxing gloves.

Attached curved thumb:

The attached thumb is a must have any boxing glove. The simple attachment of the thumb to the core glove prevents a range of serious injuries. Using boxing gloves with an unattached thumb can cause injury to your hands or your training partners eyes. Muscle tension within the hand and wrist is also reduced due to the correct thumb positioning. 


  • RAISED SHIN BONE PROTECTOR: 5mm raised impact panel directly above the shin bone to provide additional protection to key areas.
  • ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN: Designed to enable the very best training sessions possible, without unnecessarily taxing the athlete with additional weight.
  • EXTRA SECURE FITTING WITH REDUCED MOVEMENT WHILE TRAINING: An elasticated heel and underfoot straps create a secure fitting at the base. While a dual Velcro strap system securely attached to the calf area.
  • INCREASED STRAP WIDTH (75mm): Creating a comfortable, secure fit by increasing the surface area of the strap, therefore the strap is prevented from unnecessarily irritating or damaging your skin.

Elite Red Muay Thai Shin Guards

When your new leg guards arrive you won't just be impressed with how they look, but you will also be impressed with their quality and attention to detail.

The first thing to jump out when you unwrap your new Valour Strike red Kickboxing Shin Guards is their overall image. They actually look a lot better when they’re in your hands, or should I say on your legs. Our hugely successful “Paw” range of Boxing Gloves use the same material, so we thought why not add this to the leg guards.

The fine million pin dotted design can only really be appreciated close up but serves to highlight our attention to detail. The polished finish not only looks fantastic but makes cleaning the blood and sweat off them at the end of a gruelling sparring session a breeze. 


Your shin bone can be an extremely sensitive area even to the experienced professionals. The 5mm raised impact panel is located directly above the shin bone to provides additional support and protection.


There is nothing worse than the softer skin on the belly of your calf being irritated during a great training session, not only running training but can also leave the calf looking somewhat worse for wear. Our 75mm wide straps create a comfortable, secure fit. By simply increasing the surface area of the strap there is a significant reduction in the chance of irritating or damaging your skin.

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