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Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap
Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wrist Strap

Premium Weight Lifting Wrist Supports & Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

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Premium Weight Lifting Wrist Supports & Pro Weight Lifting Strap SET:

We have all reached the point in our training when large muscle groups are being under worked, because your grip's slipping or your feeling discomfort in your wrist. If it's lifting or pulling then the answer is our Premium Wrist Straps. However if the area that you want to enhance requires a pressing motion then the additional support required come from our premium Wrist Supports.

As Body Building is all about building a steady even physique we strongly advise investing in both products for priceless support in building key areas such as your chest, back, shoulders and legs.

Valour Strike Wrist Supports:

  • Providing the wrist support you need to comfortably lift heavier weights.
  • Durable and skin friendly polyester and elastic blend.
  • Elasticated thumb loop and reinforced Velcro connection (Velcro strip 10cm long x 2.5cm wide).
  • Scientifically specified 8cm (3 inch) width for ultimate support.
  • Sold as a pair & washable

Do you lift big weights and want to lift heavier ones? Feel pain, discomfort or general unsteadiness in the wrist area? Well good news this is a common problem for people working out and the solution is simple, a pair of Valour Strike wrist supports! A tiny price to pay for a large amount of support.

Everyone that has worked out and pushed their limits has experienced some form of wrist discomfort. Whether you’re bench-pressing, doing own body weight exercises or general workouts, the chances are you are placing stress upon your wrist. A simple wrist support applied correctly can seriously assist with your development and help you achieve those goals faster.

How Wrist Supports Work:

The wrist support simply applies pressure to stabilize and support the wrist while under stress. The wrist supports are great for athletes returning from injury, suffering a slight sprain, having general weakness in the wrist or simply wanting to push forward faster.

How To Use Your Wrist Supports:

Hook the Valour Strike loop over your thumb and wrap securely around the wrist. When we say securely we mean nice and snug, not strangling the circulation into the hand as this can become uncomfortable. Once you have wrapped around the wrist simply apply the reinforced Velcro to the pad and you’re off.

Sizes & Materials:

*One size fits all.

Length: 30cm (12inches)

Width: 8cm (3 inch)

Crafted from high quality polyester elastic blend the wrist supports are built to last. Sealed with the Valour Strike rubber stamp of approval, which is a sure sign of high quality. Join our team today and wear your crest with pride!

Enhanced performances possible in:

Weight lifting, gym workouts, power lifts, pushups, burpees, Crossfit, exercise classes, planks, yoga, any form of exercise where you use your hands.

PRO Weight Lifting Wrist Straps:


  • WANT TO LIFT HEAVIER WEIGHTS? But your forearms and grip let you down > Valour Strike GEL injected Weight Lifting Straps are the solution!
  • Fine boiled cotton for extreme durability & strength. Wrist cushion to minimize skin irritation. Cushion length 14cm (5.5 inches) Width 5cm (2 inches)
  • Machine injected rubber molds for maximum grip & stability. Gel injected strip length 24cm (9.5 inches)
  • One size fits all > Length 56cm (22 inches) Width 4cm (1.75 inches)
  • Valour Strike’s rubber stamp of approval.
  • Correct us can see improvements in > Deadlifts, shrugs, seated row, pull-ups, the list is endless!

    Do You Want To Lift MORE???


    We have all reached the point in our training when large muscle groups are being under worked, because of the smaller groups or even your grip. By this we mean when you’re targeting your back muscles but your forearms are on fire, your grip is slipping but your intended target muscle (back) is laughing at you!

    For example the seated row (AKA: Cable Row, Pulley Row, Low Row) the primary target is your back (trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi, the erector spinae) but so many athletes struggle to effectively exhaust their target muscle, due to their forearms and grip strength. This struggle directly places limitations of the progress of your back muscles. The simple solution is the correct use of Valour Strike’s gel injected weight lifting straps. They help secure your grip and support the smaller muscles, therefore isolating that big old muscle group so you can back to working it hard!

    The straps are there to ASSIST your lifting. Not to take the whole weight. Therefore the straps help support the smaller muscles and work them as hard as they can, but they simply cannot keep up with the big boys such as your back and shoulders. It is completely normal to struggle with your grip and that’s why the Valour Strike Straps are here. They assist your progress and help you workout more effectively. Targeting wherever you want to, whenever you want to! 

    Why Use Weight Lifting Straps:

    To isolate a targeted muscle and ensure that you are effectively exhausting larger groups, such as your shoulders & back. If you want to build a specific area of your physique then you need to target that area, Valour Strike Lifting Straps help you achieve this.

    When To Use Weight lifting Straps:

    Only use Weight Lifting Straps during exercises where you’re working against gravity or where the resistance is pulling away from you.

    When NOT To Use Weight Lifting Straps:

    Do not use Weight Lifting Straps for any pressing exercise; you’re not achieving anything other than making yourself look like an idiot.

    How to use:

    Insert the end of the strap through the top loop. Place the created loop around the wrist. Tighten firmly onto the wrist. Wrap the remaining strap around the bar at your chosen position. Tighten the strap to create tension and a firm grip of the bar. Then lift or pull. To remove simply loosen then detach the strap.

    Perfect For:

    All types of deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, chin-ups, lat pull-downs, shrugs and anything similar.

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