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MMA Fight Boxing Shorts
MMA Fight Boxing Shorts MMA Fight Boxing Shorts MMA Fight Boxing Shorts MMA Fight Boxing Shorts

Blood Eagle Boxing MMA Fight Shorts

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MMA Shorts Key Features:

  • 100% Polyester for ultimate odour prevention & hygiene efficiency.
  • Triple stitching in areas that are proven to come under high stress during combat.
  • Draw string waist, covered by velcro enclosure for safety.
  • Multi directional stretch panel located on the inner thigh & groin area for flexible athletes.
  • Ultra-light weight design up to 4 x lighter than standard shorts (34” waist shorts- 168g)

    The Blood Eagle’s MMA Shorts are specifically engineered for the ultimate martial arts fighter. Valour Strike’s flagship shorts are built around understanding a fighter’s requirements and responding to them. When your training MMA a standard pair of shorts just will not work they will rip, harbour odours, reduce movement and in short simply hold you back. The Blood Eagle MMA Shorts have everything a fighter needs to get to the next level.

    Providing durability and high performance throughout, the ‘Blood Eagles’ are built to handle the most flexible of athletes at their extremes.


    100% high quality polyester fabric chosen for bacterial resistance, hygiene efficiency and odour minimisation. Making the Valour Strike Blood Eagle’s MMA Shorts a great choice for you and your training partner. 

    Fully Subliminated Design:

    The whole Blood Eagle design is fully subliminated into the polyester creating a smooth and professional finish. Sublimination simply means that the design is inside the fabric rather than printed on. This is essential when rolling with training partners as non subliminated print will eventually peel off. 

    *Washing machine friendly.

    Multi Directional Stretch Panel:

    Used to enable full flexibility within the thigh and groin area. The MDS Panel allows athletes to perform a full range of stretches including the splits. The panel can be seen on the images in red between the legs. This particular area comes under extremely high stress during combat and the MDS panel is perfectly capable of handling the challenges. 

    5” Split seams as standard, allowing additional freedom of movement.

    Draw String & Velcro Cover:

    Easy to access and tighten draw string waist fitting. Covered with a velcro enclosure to increase safety whilst in close combat. Standard shorts do not conceal the drawstring which can result in serious eye injuries to your training partner when wrestling. 

    Triple Stitched:

    Areas identified as coming under high stress levels during combat or while performing extreme stretches are reinforced with triple stitching. The triple stitching lends strength to the shorts to help them handle challenges that standard shorts simply can not.

    Ultra-Lightweight Design:

    Allowing the very best training sessions possible without unnecessarily taxing the holder with additional weight.


    Sizing is based upon the waist size required, all sizes are listed below:

    28 Inch waist (71cm)

    30 Inch waist (76cm)

    32 Inch waist (81 cm)

    34 Inch waist (86cm)

    36 Inch waist (91cm)

    38 Inch waist (96cm)

    40 inch waist (101cm)

    42 Inch waist (106cm)

    Suitable For: MMA, CrossFit, Squatting, Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Karate, Yoga, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxercise, Body Combat, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts, Flexibility Training.

    Uses: MMA Shorts can be worn while training or fighting any martial art. Our MMA Shorts can also be worn while performing physically challenging stretches, attending the gym, training your legs or even casual wear.

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