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Weight Lifting Wrist Supports
Weight Lifting Wrist Supports Weight Lifting Wrist Supports Weight Lifting Wrist Supports Weight Lifting Wrist Supports

Weight Lifting Wrist Supports

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Product Information

  • Providing the wrist support you need to comfortably lift heavier weights.
  • Durable skin friendly polyester and elastic.
  • Thumb loop and reinforced Velcro attachment ensure a secure fitting.
  • Scientifically specified 8cm (3 inch) width for the best support possible.
  • Sold as a pair & washable.
  • One size fits all.

Do you lift big weights and want to lift more?

Feeling pain, discomfort or general unsteadiness in the wrist area? Well good news this is a common problem for people working out. Better news the solution is simple, a pair of Valour Strike wrist supports! A tiny price to pay for a large amount of comfort. 

Everyone that has worked out and pushed their limits has experienced some form of wrist discomfort. Whether you’re bench-pressing, doing own body weight exercises or general workouts, the chances are you are placing stress upon your wrist. A simple wrist support applied correctly can seriously assist with your development and speed your progress towards personal goal.

How it works:

The wrist support simply applies pressure to stabilise and support the wrist while under pressure. The wrist supports are great for athletes returning from injury, suffering a slight sprain, having general weakness in the wrist or simply wanting to push forward faster.

How to use your wrist supports:

Hook the Valour Strike loop over your thumb and wrap securely around the wrist. When we say securely we mean nice and snug, not strangling the circulation into the hand as this can become uncomfortable. Once you have wrapped around the wrist simply apply the reinforced Velcro to the pad and you’re off.

Sizes & Materials:

*One size fits all.

Length: 30cm (12 inches)

Width: 8cm (3 inches)

Crafted from high quality polyester and elastic the wrist supports are built to last. Sealed with the Valour Strike rubber stamp of approval, which is a sure sign of high quality. Join our team today and wear your crest with pride!

Enhanced performances possible in: Weight lifting, gym workouts, power lifts, burpees, Crossfit, exercise classes, planks, yoga, any form of exercise where you use your hands. 


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