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Muay Thai Shorts Front
Muay Thai Shorts Front Muay Thai Shorts

Premium Flaming Muay Thai Kickboxing Shorts Black

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Product Information


Key Features: 

  • 100% TOP LINE SATIN SILK THROUGHOUT: Chosen not only for high-end durability but also for hygiene efficiency and odour minimization.
  • PRO MUAY THAI MOVEMENT DESIGN: Specifically designed to allow freedom of movement whilst performing strikes.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR PERFORMANCE WAIST BAND: Set to 8 cm depth to maximize performance. 
  • *Velcro free
  • ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT: focused upon improving performance, the weight is low and the cut is a traditional mid thigh length. 

Muay Thai Shorts Overview:

Our Valour Strike Pro Muay Thai shorts are that new we haven’t had chance to name them, but we are too excited to hold back the launch.

Sporting all the professional level requirements whilst delivering a visually pleasing design, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. An elegant yet dramatic hot rod flame design fantastically honours the rich history of Muay Thai short design, whilst giving them a fresh and modern twist.


Expertly crafted from 100% top line satin silk throughout the entirety of the shorts. The reason we have chosen top line satin silk is as unlike standard silk, the material provides excellent levels of durability whilst under stress.

In addition to this top line satin silk it also provides high levels of bacterial resistance, hygiene efficiency and odour minimization. Therefore the shorts aren’t just great for you but your entire team, as no one likes a smelly training partner.


With Muay Thai shorts it’s all about the cut of the shorts, and our pro level cut is done to perfection. A mid thigh design is the design that has been idolized within the Muay Thai society for decades and that cut works extremely well with our design. We also honour a 5 cm split on either leg for increased mobility.

The waistband is elasticated and has been purposely developed to an 8 cm depth for performance and tradition.

Mobility Performance:

Whilst training or indeed during an actual event the last thing you want is a heavy or uncomfortable pair of shorts. So we have focused upon making the fit as comfortable as possible whilst maximizing the freedom of movement. Our shorts are extremely lightweight and able to handle the most flexible of athletes.


Small: < 28”
Large: 32”-34”
XL: 35”-40”

Used for:

Predominately MUAY THAI, however there has been a large increase in the popularity of Muay Thai Shorts from other disciplines and activities.

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