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MMA Sparring Gloves
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MMA Gloves with Gel-Tec™ Technology

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Key Features:

  • Open palm design enables the easy application of submissions, locks & throws.
  • V-Impact gel injected foam prevents knuckle injury (1.2” foam depth above knuckle)
  • Hook & loop Velcro enclosure for easy adjustments.
  • Flexible 2 inch wide wrist strap prevents discomfort.
  • Commonly used for MMA, Cross Fit, Boxercise, Body Combat, Martial Arts & Personal Protection.
  • MMA Gloves

    "Iron Fists" MMA Gloves are designed to protect a fighter’s knuckles, ligaments and hand tissue while striking. In addition to this protection MMA Gloves also need to allow the freedom to perform throws, locks and submissions. The Valour Strike Iron Fists are perfectly designed to provide protection (foam depth 1.2 inches) and to allow for easy hand mobility while training. The Iron Fist gloves remain largely unobstructive to allow artists to apply their chosen submission while enabling a good level of safety while striking.

    Exercises Classes Now Use MMA Sparring Gloves

    There has been a recent movement within the fitness world towards combat based training classes such as body combat, boxercise, cross fit and other striking exercise classes. As these classes become more diverse in the range of exercises performed there has been a great demand for open palm gloves such as the Iron Fists. The open palm design enables users to strike their pads and then quickly return to their burpees without the need to remove the gloves.  

    V-Impact Gel Injected Foam:

    This is 1.2 inches in depth above the knuckle line and across the high risk areas of the hand helps prevents injury. The specifically designed foam enables a high level of protection with minimal interference on hand mobility.

    Hook & Loop Velcro Enclosures:

    Ensuring that the gloves are securely attached to the athlete, the fitting can be adjusted easily throughout training.

    Flexible 2 Inch Wide Strap:

    Offers an ease of movement to allow athletes to perform their submission, locks and throws without wrist discomfort.

    Suitable For: MMA, Wrestling, Cross Fit, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxercise, Body Combat, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.

    Uses: MMA Gloves can be used to train most martial art disciplines. There has been a recent movement to MMA Gloves within fitness classes such as boxercise, body combat and cross fit. Improvements can be seen in punching speed, power, hand & eye co-ordination, cardio vascular levels, personal protection, fitness, weight loss & general health.


    "Great for training and sparring! These gloves are excellent and look a lot better others. Quick delivery and got some great advice from customer service" Joe Marshall

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