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Boxing Focus Pads
Boxing Focus Pads Valour Strike Boxing Focus Pads Valour Strike Boxing Focus Pads Valour Strike Boxing Focus Pads Boxing Focus Pads Valour Strike Boxing Focus Pads

Boxing Pads - MMA Focus Pads with Gel-Tec™ Technology

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Product Information


Key Features:

  • Multi layered V-Impact design with Gel Tec target ensures even strike wave control.
  • Curved Impact Optimisation ensures a loud connection noise is heard when accurately landing a strike.
  • Finger concealing mesh rear ensures high levels of Safety & Hygiene.
  • Inner Dome grip, triangular wrist support & easily adjustable Velcro strapping.
  • Ultra-Light weight design and sold as a pair.
  • Suitable For Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Boxercise, Body Combat, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.
  • Boxing Pads

    If your going to punch something then there is nothing better than the Valour Strike Premium Boxing Pads. The quality construction and the simple but highly effective curvature of the pads allows users to hear a sweet connection noise, that gets louder the harder and more accurately you hit it. Almost like immediate positive feedback on your punch, which is great for stress relief and beginners working on their strikes. However these pads are not just for beginners, they have everything to satisfy the pro's too just check out our testimonials. 

    Exercises classes now use Focus Pad drills for cardio workouts!

    There has been a recent movement within the fitness world towards combat based training classes such as body combat, boxercise, cross fit and other striking exercise classes. As these classes become more diverse in the range of exercises performed there has been a great demand for our Focus Pads. With your own Focus pads there are no need to share sweat soaked


    The ventilated rear padding not only offers essential protection, but also promotes advanced air flow. The ventilated rear enables the pad to effectively breathe during and after use. This great feature enables sweat and unwanted odours to escape from the pad without neglecting protection.

    Multi-layered V-Impact design: 

    The multi-layered V-Impact design ensures even strike wave distribution throughout the pad. Using a 5 inch multi-layered system topped with a Gel-Tec layer, enables heavy impact to be handled safely.

    Ultra-Light Weight Construction: 

    Designed to enable the very best training sessions possible without unnecessarily taxing the holder with additional weight. The curvature of the pad also promotes a better & louder connection reassuring athletes they have struck correctly.

    Domed Inner Ball Grip:

    Within the pad to promote control there is a comfortably sized half ball to grip. This is crafted to be firm but not too rigid, therefore grip can be maintained without experiencing discomfort or injury.

    Hook & Loop Velcro enclosure: 

    Hook and loop enclosures make sure that the focus pad is securely attached to the holder's hand. This is also easily adjustable throughout training, preventing those awkward moments. Our extended Velcro strapping is durable and long enough to wrap around larger wrists.

    Triangular Wrist Support:

    A very effective professionally placed triangular cushion is positioned at the bottom of the rear of the pad. This padding absorbs impact and protects the wrist from injury.

    Concealed Fingers:

    The rear of the pad has a ventilated padding system that covers the fingers. The reason for this is that injuries can be caused by exposed fingers during training. When a strike lands on the focus pads and the trainer is not quite ready the padding protects them from injuries, such as a finger to the eye which can damage the retina.

    Perfectly placed Target:

    The Valour Strike Crest is placed to perfection on the front of the gel padding. The positioning of our Logo is to help create an accurate target for users to aim for.


    The curvature of the pads promotes the natural positioning of the hands within the pad. There are no unnecessary finger slots which can hinder certain hand sizes. The high quality VS-Style fabrics used within the pad ensures minimal skin irritation and maximum durability.


    *One Size Fits All

    Height: 10.2 inches (26cm)

    Width: 8 inches (20cm)

    Depth: 4 inches (10cm)

    Suitable For-

    Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Aikido, Hapkido, Boxercise, Body Combat, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.


    Focus Pad work can assist in improving Speed, Power, Hand & Eye co-ordination, Cardio Vascular Levels, Personal Protection, Fitness, Weight Loss & Health.


    "Bought these pads as I'm a semi-pro boxer, they arrived well with the delivery time, I have had the pads 6 months now and they are still in great condition. You can not get better at such a price" Pete Turland, Bournemouth

    "I'm loving my boxercise classes but I hated the old pads they had so I got these Valour Strike pads, they are awesome, light, quality and now my friends have bought some too #LoveThem" Jenni Lowe, Liverpool

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