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Valour Strike's £100+ Boxing Gear Giveaway - Enter Today!

Boxing Gear Competiton

Valour Strike this May are giving one lucky person over £100 in FREE Boxing Gear. Competition must end 31st of May 2016.

*Only 1 IP address per entry.

Good Luck Everybody!

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"Black Paw" Boxing Gloves are built to protect the most aggressive heavyweight punchers from injury, these gloves can take what you want to give out! Whether you’re training for a professional bout, taking up personal protection or simply learning to channel your frustrations through exercise, the Valour Strike “Black Paws” are the perfect glove for you.


If your going to punch something then there is nothing better than the Valour Strike Premium Focus Pads. The quality construction and the simple but highly effective curvature of the pads allows users to hear a sweet connection noise, that gets louder the harder and more accurately you hit it. Almost like immediate positive feedback on your punch, which is great for stress relief and beginners working on their strikes.

Boxing Head Guard

If your serious about contact striking then a reliable head guard is a must have. The Valour Strike HVS-1 offers high quality protection for the most important part for any fighter, safety. A securely fitting head guard is priceless when sparring, as the slightest movement can obscure, distract or even cause injury. So here at Valour Strike we have focused upon the fitting.

Boxing Hand Wraps

Well if you’re a heavy hitting pro or you simply enjoy venting your frustrations on the heavy bag, your hands are taking the impact. Hand wraps are an essential but largely neglected piece of equipment for anyone punching. They are an investment in your hands and our VS-1's are simple to use and unbeatably priced. Or even better, buy a loved one a pair, it’s almost guaranteed that they will say “I have been meaning to get a pair of these for ages”, therefore you have prevented their injury.

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Gavin Symons calendar_today

Just started to learn Kickboxing to loss some weight being 22 stone, and I hate gym. Loving it so much and would be honoured if I was picked to win this stuff as its so hard to afford it all. Especially as my second child is on the way.

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