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  • How to Wrap Hands For Boxing. Why Use Boxing Hand Wraps?

    Do you know why boxers use hand wraps? 🥊

    Do you know how hand wraps work and why they are so great? 👍

    Do you know what's required from a good set of wraps? 👀

    Do you know they help prevent the dreaded "Boxers" fracture? 🤕 

    Do you know how to wrap your hands for combat? ✋

    ✅ Well within this blog we're looking to help our customers develop a good understanding of hand wraps, the benefits of using hand wraps while training at all levels, how to wrap your hands, and explain the easy to use options for the time savers out there. 


  • Picking Boxing Gloves: Full Lace up, Velcro or Hybrid? What’s Best For Sparring, Training And Punchbag Workouts

    Supporting our customers means the world to us. This blog is to help explain why there are different enclosures such as Velcro, Full Lace Up & Hybrid Boxing Gloves.

    What are the positive and negatives of each style. And most importantly what is best suited to your needs. Whether its pad & bag work or full on sparring we have the right wrist support for you 🥊 

    Feel free to comment on the blog, you might help a fellow athlete 👍

  • Boxing Gloves Sizes - A Complete Size Guide & Calculator.

    The No1 question we get asked by our customers is "What size Boxing Gloves should I use?". As we pride ourselves on helping our customer's we created a calculator to assist the decision 📈

    We explain why there are so many boxing glove sizes and what the 2 main factors are to consider when choosing your Boxing Glove size 🥊

    Feel free to comment on the blog, you might help a fellow athlete 👍

  • Eat Like A Boxer - A Solid Diet Plan For Boxing & Training

    Feeding The Fighting Machine! For a professional boxer understanding what to eat and when to...

  • What Are The Benefits of Training Kickboxing?

    Kickboxing really is a great way to get fit, learn self-defense, meet new people and...

  • What is MMA Fighting and the UFC - A Brief History

    So What is MMA Fighting and the UFC, This is a brief history of its...

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